Surface roughness and finish measuring sensors
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YYL006212 Sensor measuring wrist pin roughness in automated 100% inspection station


Production Control and Monitoring of Surface Roughness

Lasercheck® surface finish measurement systems are a member of the Schmitt Industries, Inc. family of precision test, measurement and process control systems. Lasercheck® advantages include unmatched durability and measurement speed with excellent repeatability. Manufacturing operations requiring control of surface roughness gain these benefits with Lasercheck®:

  • Fast measurements, improvement to measurement cycle time
  • Eliminate maintenance and repair costs with fragile stylus instruments
  • Consistent results less dependant on operator skill
  • 100% detection of non-conforming parts in production operations

Lasercheck® sensors are designed for surface finish measurements of ground, sanded, polished, honed, super-finished, and shot blast surfaces, and are ideally suited for manufacturers producing and inspecting surfaces such as:

  • Solar cell production - ground crystalline ingots, raw sheet metal substrate, finished coated product
  • Rolls used in sheet metal rolling and other web processes
  • Rods, bars, shafts of any diameter, fine ground surgical guide wire
  • High surface quality brushed, sanded, and polished sheet metal
  • Camshaft / Crankshaft journals & lobes
  • Highly finished Engine, Steering, Driveshaft, Suspension components
See Lasercheck integrated into an Engine Piston Pin Inspection System

6212POM System measuring roughness of wrist pins on conveyor output of Through Feed Polisher Lasercheck® Inspecting Wrist Pin Finishes on Conveyor

Lasercheck® Systems consist of a laser based non-contact surface finish sensor with a dedicated electronic controller. Automated controllers with full I/O capability allow dedicated 100% automated inspection and control of surfaces produced in high volume, high value manufacturing operations.

Lasercheck® Product Options

Automated Lasercheck® Systems include multiple input & output options. Lasercheck® system is installed in dedicated manufacturing operation.

Automated 6212POM System

6212POM System

Automated 6212POM System

8826POM System
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